Our Services

We provide HR consulting in all areas, with a focus on the following two topics

System design and implementation

Base pay, bonuses, relocation and international assignment policies, from the viewpoint of Total Cash Compensation and Compensation Mix
Such programs as retirement benefit, insurance for better market competitiveness and retention of talent
Performance Appraisal
Process, cycle and criteria

Training & Development

Mentor Training
For better communication and lower turnover
Mentoring Official Partner (MOP) Certified by Japan Mentor Association
Cross-culture Training
Regarding working in a multi-culture environment and achieving high performance beyond the cultural boundaries
Performance Review Training
For better understanding of performance review concept and alignment of organizational directions and
Leadership Training
Regarding required leadership behavior
Communication Training
For building strong teams through mutual understanding
Corporate Culture Training
For assimilating corporate mission, vision and value

We’ll tailor all programs to your needs